Ways to Touch a Relative’s Heart from Afar

It’s hard being away from your loved ones. If you are in this predicament, when special days come, it’s painful that they are miles away. It’s hard to know that they celebrate exceptional days with other people instead of you. It’s a good thing there are now social media sites that let you connect to anyone, anywhere in the world; whether they are in Paris, Johannesburg, Dubai, or Tokyo, you can still make them feel remembered. Still, it’s nicer if messages are sent with a personal touch, that way, recipients will still feel very special even if you haven’t talked to them for a while.

Electronic greeting cards are one of the easiest and most affectionate ways you can send your messages to loved ones. With these cards, you can play at Cheekybingo.com all day on your Apple iPhone and just wait for a thank you message to drop into your email inbox. However, a person can easily discover if an e-card has been sent in haste, and can be very disappointing. To make sure your gift doesn’t turn out a disaster, here are some ideas you can try:

· On your e-card, you can put a picture of your loved ones from their childhood. If you can get their precious photos, that means that you are really close to them, you’ve put effort into the e-card and you value your relationship.
· You can also send them an e-card that has your voice on it.
· If you have connections to celebrities that your loved ones really like, you can request a shout-out from them as a gift.
· You can also include things that make them happy like their favorite color, food, music, or animal; it will make them happy that somebody out there knows what he/she wants.
· On top of it all, what you need to put on your e-card is your appreciation of their sacrifices. You need to tell them how much they are missed and how badly you want to see them again.