Vintage Flowers Card

This card relates to Day 4 of Week 3.  Yikes, class is almost over!

I really enjoyed making this card.  As you may know, Vintage is my favorite style of card to make.  I’m not a big fan of banners, but pushed myself to do them for this card.  I also dyed the flowers, which were originally white.

The background paper is from an old book.  Before you scream, I don’t destroy books, ever!  This one is soooo old it’s falling apart, and a quarter of the pages are missing.  I keep it in my stash to use it as I have here.

Very little distressing was needed, as it was already brown and distressed.  I did however crinkle it a bit and add some Vintage Photo to the parts I crinkled.

Behind the book page is dry embossing, which has been inked up with gold.   It’s very effective, don’t you think?

The greeting is from Gina K Designs, Holiday Basket stamp set.

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4 thoughts on “Vintage Flowers Card

  1. Thanks Lindsay. In hindsight, I would probably have used different background paper, but still happy with this.

  2. OMG, Cheryl, it is just stunning. I want to try this one as well, it’s just so dang beautiful. I am in awe of those flowers, and well, the rest is pretty grand, also. LOL I like banners. Something about those ribbon ends, just seem so pretty to me. Lovely that you have an old worn out book at your disposal. I would never think that you would destroy ANY book, I just know you better. LOL Cool, though, that you have that, and the look is stunning! I definitely am going to try this card sketch out. You know what? I was thrilled with the gold ink on the EF, alone, that was a great look, don’t you think? I was wow, you don’t have to go any further, it’s great looking already! LOL

  3. Thanks Anna! The flowers are store-bought, but I’ve dyed them, like they showed in class. But I don’t think I diluted them enough; they’re pretty bright!

    Oh yes, I love that technique with the gold ink. Gorgeous! Wish I could get the folder they used in class, but so far (it seems) it’s not available here. Pity, it’s so beautiful.

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