Vintage Card – Feminine

I was playing around the other day and came up with this very feminine card.

It’s based on a Vintage style, but it’s really a culmination of my imagination.  I began with a blank buff colored card  – I sponged around all the edges (of the front of the card) using Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad, Vintage Photo.

Using my Spellbinders Nestabilities Classic Scalloped Ovals Large, I made a template to use for this card.  Taking a half of a normal card – by cutting the card in half where the fold would normally be, I made a hole in the centre. (See image on right.)  I believe I used the second-largest size, but you’ll need to use the size that works in accordance with the size card you’re using. Make sure you keep the piece that is cut out, as you’ll need this as well.

I slipped in a piece of red card so you can see it better - this is not part of the design.

Place the template over the top of your card stock, and using a ‘script’ stamp, stamp the image down the template centre. When you’re done, remove the template.

This time you’re going to place the centre piece over the image you just stamped. Make sure it’s completely dry before you start.

Taking a flower stamp (just the head, no stems or leaves) stamp all over the remaining card.  I again used Vintage Photo for this.  Take a piece of contrasting color card stock (I used pink), and using the same image, stamp on the contrasting card.  Let it dry, then cut it out and mold the card so the ‘petals’ come upwards.


This will give the flower some dimension so it stands out nicely on the card.  Now place glue on the centre (only) and place onto the card at the top left.


Next, using the same contrasting card, take the Cuttlebug Allegro Embossing Folder – you only need to emboss one row of the music. With the right side of the paper facing toward you (that is, the raised embossing), tear the paper around the edges. You can sponge the edges with Distress Ink if you like, as this will take away the abruptness of the edges.  I used Tattered Rose in this instance.

Glue the finished embellishment to the centre of the card, down near the bottom.  The last two steps finish this card beautifully.

Take a tag – any tag will do.  (I used Cuttlebug Diecut Tool Kit – Baby Face (2×6″), but you can use any tag that fits.)  Sponge the edges with Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad, Vintage Photo to match the rest of the card. Stamp the centre with a greeting – I used “Love You”.  While that dries (which takes only seconds), find a matching colored feather to use on the right hand side of the embossed embellishment.

You can buy feathers for use with crafts at just about any place you can get your other craft items, such as Amazon – they have a huge range available. (They are extemely cheap – I buy them by the bag as it’s much more economical.)


*As always, you can replace any of these items with suitable alternatives.

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