Swan Wedding Card

Before I get into today’s card, I want to apologise for not posting for awhile. I had an unfortunate accident Saturday, and broke my ankle while I was out walking my dog. No, she didn’t pull me over, I twisted my ankle when I stood on something on the ground. (Possibly a nut from a tree.)

As you will soon see, I’ve been making a ton of cards while I recuperate. I’ll be in plaster for about six weeks, so I’m hoping for lots of writing (books), and lots of card making and colouring.

So… on with today’s card.

I made this card for this week’s Just Us Girls Color Challenge, which is red, black, and kraft. I had to admit, the color scheme had me stumped for awhile, but I finally was able to envision this card.

I started with kraft and added a black topper. To begin with it was just a rectangle, but I felt it needed some sort of border on the bottom. This die actually has three loops, but because I’d cut the piece smaller, it only fitted two loops.

I then hobbled into the room where my stores are kept, and rumaged through my ribbon box, where I found this lovely red ribbon and a piece of hessian, which I cut down to size.

Last but not least, I added these beautiful swans.

I decided this would be a great wedding card, so the inside reflects that.

Thanks for looking, and as always, if you want to comment and the comment box isn’t showing, click the title of this post and it will magically appear!