Vintage Tulips using the Gel Printing Plate


Hi everyone, it’s Cheryl with you today and I’m sharing a card I made totally using the Couture Creations Gel Printing Plate.

Using acrylic paint, I added red paint to the Gel Printing Plate, and pushed the Tulips stamp into it ensuring I got a good impression. To do this, I moved it slightly. Do be careful though, because the paint is sitting on the Gel Printing Plate, it will cause the stamp will slide about easily.

Once I had an image I was happy with, I took an impression using white cardstock. **If you’re not happy with the image you get before you take an impression with the cardstock, go over it again with the brayer and you won’t waste any paint.

I took some ghost prints and played about trying to get a background I liked using bubble wrap. I often do this because it gives a unique background, especially once you have a mix of colours on the bubble wrap as I did. These are never wasted as you’ll find them perfect for a project down the track.

Next I added yellow paint to the Gel Printing Plate, then pushed the bubble wrap into the yellow. Because I used the same bubble wrap I’d already been playing with, I had quite a bit of red paint on it and so that showed up in the background. That’s what I ended up using as can be seen in the image. (It should be noted that I never clean my plate. This helps give an even more unique impression.)

By now the Tulips image was well dry (it doesn’t take long once you take an impression), and using Couture Creations scissors, I carefully cut around the flower image, including the base. I then added it to the bubble wrap background (which I’d already cut to size) using Adhesive Foam Rectangles to give it some height.

When I went to add this to a white card base, I decided it wasn’t quite right for the look I wanted. I didn’t want to have unmatched colours, so I added some of the same red paint to the Gel Printing Plate, and  taking the brayer, added red paint to the edges of the card base. Once dry, I added the topper, and my card was done.

However…there are options. If you want to jazz it up a little more, you can add a butterfly, again using the Gel Printing Plate. I experimented with this to find the right look for what I wanted. The first time around, I used both yellow and red paint on white cardstock. This looked great, but took forever to cut out and wasn’t very accurate, because it’s hard to see the defined lines.

I wracked my brains trying to work out how to make the lines stand out better, and stamped on one of the pulls. That gave me a reverse image to the base image. Then it occurred to me to use black cardstock which gives defined lines that make it far easier to cut around.

If you still have a reasonable amount of paint on the Gel Printing Plate but it has dried, you can reactivate it by adding a drop or two of paint. My final butterfly ended up with green and red through it, likely picking up some colours from a previous play, but I’m not unhappy about that. I believe it’s given a good contrast.

So…with or without the butterfly you can create a beautiful card in a short period of time as the paint dries almost instantaneously once an impression (pull) is taken. This particular design could be used for just about anything. I purposely left of a greeting, and likely won’t add one except inside the card.

The gel plate is so much fun to use, and I can guarantee, each time you use it, you will get unique designs. No two pulls will ever be the same.

I have listed all the items below that I used for this card. These are all staples for me, and you may find that’s also the case for you.


Complete List of Products Used:


CO728452 – Gel Printing Plate 5×7”

CO727164 – Brayer Roller

CO728522 – Detailing Scissors

CO728577 – Stamp & Colour Vintage Stamps – Tulips

ULT200001A4 – Cardstock – A4 – Snow White

CO726325 – Couture Creations Quick Dry Adhesive

CO728511 – Couture Creations All Purpose Art Glue

CO728287 – Adhesive Foam Rectangles

CO727860 – Glass Mat for Mixed Media – 395 x 298mm (15.5 x 11.7in) – palette and working area

CO726343 – Couture Creations Mini Guillotine


Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed my creation!