Congratulations Card using Homely Florals Collection

Hi everyone, it’s Cheryl with you today, and I’m sharing this card I made using the Graceful Protea Stamp and Colour Acrylic Stamp Set and the Couture Creations Twin Tip Alcohol Markers.

Before stamping, I masked the base off so I could add the “Congrats” greeting. I carefully measured the space I needed, then added some masking tape across the front of the blending card, but on an angle. This will differ depending on which greeting you decide to use.

I used my Precision Stamp Press to stamp out the image. The beauty of the Precision Stamp Press is that if it doesn’t impress clearly the first time, which can happen – especially with masking – you simply re-ink and re-stamp.

*You must use blending paper for alcohol markers, otherwise the colours will bleed. Likewise, you also need to use the correct ink for stamping when using alcohol markers, otherwise you will end up with the black ink (or whatever colour you use) on your markers, plus the lines will smear. I have listed all products used below.  

Once my masking was done, I removed the masking tape. I then took my black marker and ruled a line across the card at the edge of the stamping, on the same angle I had the masking tape. Do that for both top and bottom images. You now have a defined line for your greeting to nestle into later.

Now it’s time to colour. I used the Couture Creations Twin Tip Alcohol Markers and have listed the colours I used in their groups (i.e. flowers, vase, etc.)


2288 – Tender Pear

356 – Grass Green

371 – Dark Olive


230 – Pink

211 – Light Pink

231 – Pale Pink

921 – Crape Myrtle

2065 – Wisteria


401 – Warm Grey

7502 – Khaki Grey


102 – Yellow

106 – Light Yellow

Yellow Flower Centres:

142 – Fresh Yellow

102 – Yellow

106 – Light Yellow


2065 – Wisteria

231 – Pale Pink

Cardstock Edge:

231 – Pale Pink


006 – Black


When the colouring was finished, I trimmed the completed image down to fit my card base, leaving a small margin around all sides. It is now ready to add the die cut pieces to it.

Next, I cut out the “congrats” die (from the Congrats Sentiment Cutting Die Set). I cut this out using black cardstock.

For the second die cut, which would be on the top and showing, taking an extra piece of blending card, I made a couple of heavy lines using the Wisteria Alcohol Marker, then another directly underneath. I ensured the two colours joined as this would be the centrepiece. I used the Pale Pink Alcohol Marker, effectively making it an ombre colour. Once finished, I used the above die to cut it out, ensuring each colour was fairly even within the die. I joined the black cardstock to the coloured blending card, offsetting them slightly, so the greeting appeared to have a slight shadow. I then added it to the image on an angle.

It was then I discovered I had no matching cardstock for the base. Problem fixed by using one of the matching colours and running it around the outside edges of the cardstock. I used Pale Pink, which worked perfectly.

That’s it – all done.

Complete List of Products Used:


CO728655 – Graceful Protea Stamp and Colour Acrylic Stamp Set (4pcs)

CO728663 – Congrats Sentiment Cutting Die Set (10pcs)

CO728580 – Blending Card (10 sheets)

COAPC2 – Twin Tip Alcohol Ink Marker Case (Includes 108 Colours)

ULT200001A4 – Cardstock – A4 – Snow White

CO727381 – Precision Stamp Press (140 x 200mm)

CO728475 – Stamp and Colour Outline Ink Pad for Alcohol Ink Colouring – Black

CO726325 – Couture Creations Quick Dry Adhesive

C0726343 – Couture Creations Mini Guillotine

CO727860 – Glass Mat for Mixed Media – 395 x 298mm (15.5 x 11.7in) – palette and working area.


Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed my creation!