Blog Hop

First off, apologies for not posting sooner.

Someone hacked the site, so I had to get the tech guys to sort it out.  (Geez I hate people who have nothing better to do than hack websites!!) I have made a ton of cards lately, but haven’t been able to post anything because of the hacking issues.  The website security has been tightened, so hopefully this won’t happen again.  (Grumble, grumble…)

Now for some exciting news –

I was invited to join in a blog hop that’s happening this Friday, July 20.

The organizers are good friends of mine, Regina Hardy and Sean Fetterman, who are also card nuts like me. <g>

I understand there will be 12 blogs in the hop, and many of the blogs will be offering blog candy.

This blog hop is to be the first of a series of ongoing hops.   To keep up to date with each of the hops and the dates, you can visit the Blog Hop Facebook page.

Look out for my post on Friday, and in the meantime, join the Facebook page to ensure you don’t miss any of the sites or future hops!