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You may recognise this technique from my post here. But I didn’t make this card.

A kid’s gallery has been added to the Summer Card Camp 2 site, allowing participant’s kids to have their cards uploaded as well. I wasn’t aware of this being allowed in previous classes (and don’t think it was), but we’re being encouraged to allow kids to play along this time.

You may be aware that I have grandchildren living with me full-time, and have done for almost ten years. The two girls, aged 11 and 12, are very much into making cards, and have even won awards at our local agricultural show for their cards.

Nikita, the twelve year old, has been watching me make cards for this class, and asking lots of questions. When I found out about the kid’s gallery, and let her know, she was super excited. So today she made her first card from the class, which you can see above.

There were already plans afoot to follow along with the class, but the kid’s gallery pushed it forward a little.

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13 thoughts on “Summer Card Camp2 Kids Gallery

  1. Way to go, Nikita!! Fabulous colors, and love those stars. I have been into stars lately, myself. Sparkly ones, like yours! LOL I just love that scrolling Happy Birthday stamp, it’s lovely. Well done, girl! Keep making cards for us to enjoy, okay? My 9 year old Grandson loves to make cards. He is “into” embossing with the heat gun! Boys! LOL Happy Stamping!

  2. Cheryl, I must add that it is so wonderful that you showcased your Grandchild on your blog, like this. You are such an encouraging Grandma, and me thinks we are in for some fabulous cards from this talented girl! She is off to a great start, for sure!! LOL Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely card Cheryl. It is great that the girls are interested in card making. Well done Nikita

  4. Thank you for all the lovely comments and all the love. I love making cards because it’s fun and you can also express your feelings in a card.

  5. Nikita (such a pretty name) I love your card and I think yours is better than your grandmothers (don’t tell her I said this 🙂

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