CAS Wedding Card

Here’s another wedding card for you.

This one is extremely simple, very quick, but I think also quite elegant. It’s a great last-minute card, and could be created in about five minutes. No kidding!

You’ll need a white cardbase, and another half sheet of white cardstock for the topper.

I cut the topper down to about three quarters of the depth of the cardbase, then used my guillotine to scallop the edge.  Once that was done, the hearts were made – this time using a Spellbinders Edgeabilities die.  For this card I chose a heart design, but you could use anything that you feel is suitable.  You may even have border punches that would fit the bill.

I like to stamp before adding my toppers, so I laid the topper card down on the base to see where I needed to stamp. Once the greeting was stamped, I trimmed the edges of the topper slightly so it was just a little narrower than the base card, then rounded the edges, but only at the top.

I added some ribbon, ensuring it was tucked in underneath so there were no untidy edges.  Then I added three matching pearls to the right hand top corner.

That’s it!  Another quick and easy card to add to your wedding stash.

If you want to tizz this card up a bit, you could add some glitter in the hearts (or place a coloured glitter card strip underneath), put some glitter along the edges, or even add some additional pearls to the ribbon. These are just a few suggestions – I’m sure you’ll come up with some of your own.

BTW, I ended up trimming the bottom ribbon a little – it was beginning to annoy me because I felt it was too long!

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7 thoughts on “CAS Wedding Card

  1. Very pretty and quick card. Love this one; it will come in handy with all of the weddings coming up! Thanks, Cheryl.

  2. You are just churning out those wedding cards! This one is so pretty, AND elegant. They seem so simple when you give the directions. I am mentally switching the Wedding theme, for an Anniversary theme. I’m thinking your card ideas can work for both Weddings and Anniversary cards, right? Elegance is appropriate for both!! Thanks for sharing. Love your descriptions!!

  3. I came back because…I keep forgetting to comment on that FABULOUS “Congratulations” Stamp!!! My word, it’s gorgeous, elegant, and just beautiful in itself! Naturally it’s retired, I think you said it was, right? SIGH~ LOL Gorgeous everything on the card, Cheryl!!!

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