Shabby Chic Embossing Effects


This card is using a technique taught in Creative Chemistry 102. (Shabby Chic using embossing and Distress Paints.)

We were supposed to use black Distress Paint as the base colour, but I don’t have black.  This greeny/teal colour was the closest I had, but honestly, I can’t see that it matters what colour is used.

I did feel, to begin with, that I’d failed miserably at this technique, but now that it’s all properly dried, I can see that’s not really the case at all.

The stamps used on this card are from Inspired by Stamping. The greeting is from Big Wishes II, and the flowers and leaves are from Little Flowers.

I am entering this card in the Inspired by Stamping Color Challenge #2. The colours needed for this challenge are white, pink, teal.

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16 thoughts on “Shabby Chic Embossing Effects

  1. Wow, this is lovely Cheryl!! I think with distress ink/paint it looks different when dry, looks wonderful!

  2. Thanks Teresa. I was lucky enough to be one of the few Aussies who managed to buy a Bow It All when they hit our shores. I’m still learning, but the bow was made using it!

  3. This is so gorgeous! I am so impatient, I like to hurry things up with my heat gun, but, from what I saw in the class, some things just HAVE to dry on their own. That would make me do the same thing, thinking it was a failed attempt, but it certainly isn’t! LOL
    I am so amazed that you actually DID the techniques, you are so talented, girlfriend!
    Sweet bow, and you used that new bow making gizmo, eh? Oh, I guess I will “cave” on that also………LOL
    OMG, do I sound easily influenced? LOL Maybe so, just from the inspiration of how lovely YOUR cards turned out. Thanks for sharing, and giving me the push to try new things. LOL

  4. Anna, the bottom layer was painted then dried with a heat gun, but after embossing (with clear EP) you need to let the next layer of Distress Paint air dry – until it’s nearly dry.

    I kept going back and touching it to test if it was dry, and of course it wasn’t!

    I was getting quite impatient, I must tell you!!!

    Yes, now that I’m getting the hang of it, I’m enjoying the Bow It All!

    Thanks for stopping by, Anna!

  5. Thanks Karen. It’s certainly a card I like. And I’m loving these beautiful bows from the Bow It All. Just need a bit more practice!!

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