Selling Your Handmade Cards

I decided that today I would diverge from my normal type of posts, and talk about selling your card creations.

It is a very scary thing to approach to begin with, and to be honest, I was very apprehensive when I was approached by a local gift shop owner to sell my cards to her.

I’d been a long time customer, and she’d tried to sell me cards from another lady who was making cards for her at the time. I declined, saying I made my own. So she wanted to see them.

The end result was I’ve been selling my cards to her for around 3-4 years. It’s a nice little income, but not huge. I probably make up to $175 a year, but it’s money I can put back into my crash stash and buy new supplies.

More recently, a flower shop opened up locally, and I decided to pop in one day and ask if they were interested in handmade cards. They already had a supplier, but those cards were mass produced and nothing like mine. (Of course, because they were mass produced!!)

I showed her a few photos – I didn’t have any with me because I called in on a whim – and she liked what she saw. She asked me to call in with a bundle of cards for her to look at. So I did. And right off the bat she bought $108 worth of cards. That was in July. She wanted me to return in a few months to see if she needed more.

Saturday (November 26) I went back with another bundle. She bought $68 worth. Thinking like McDonalds I asked would she be interested in taking any Christmas cards. She looked up, seemingly shocked. “Why yes,” she said. “People are asking for them.”  She also asked me to make more get well and engagement cards. Those I had to make, the Christmas cards were made but not bagged. (Sorry family, I will have to make more for you!)

Done and dusted.

Wednesday (November 30) I took in about 21 Christmas cards – she asked me to take 10-15 – and sold ten of them.  I also took three get well cards, and three engagement cards. All sold. If I’d taken more of those, I’m sure they would have gone too. But due to other commitments, I didn’t have much time to make them. She wanted them all this week. “As early as possible.”

Between Saturday and Wednesday, I sold $132 worth of cards. More money for craft goodies. ($240 so far since July.)

My suggestion is to look out for places to sell your cards to. Most of us make heaps of cards that just sit around doing nothing. On average, I made at least 40 cards per month. Most days I make 1-2 cards. I made six on Tuesday after the request for specific cards. I’m lucky, I work from home, so I can work it into my schedule.

I’m selling to a gift shop and a flower shop. I have friends who sell to hairdressers, vets, even real estate agents.  One mistake I made in the beginning, was to allow my cards to be on assignment. That was with the gift shop. She pays me when the cards sell, not when she takes them from me.

The flower shop pays on receipt of the cards, which is a much better way to go. If she doesn’t sell them, it’s her problem, not mine. But… she wouldn’t buy more if they weren’t moving, and I know they are. She’s selling quite a few.

She’s also ordered a ton of Valentine’s Day cards – their busiest day of the year. Guess who’s already making Valentine’s Day cards?

Thanks for looking, and as always, if you want to comment, and the comment box isn’t showing, click the title of this post and it will magically appear!


6 thoughts on “Selling Your Handmade Cards

  1. So glad you are having success selling your cards. I did that as well with various shops and did quite well in one especially. The other one took my cards and they disappeared but she said she had not sold any. Well, about a month later she was charged with burglary from others so I am thinking that is what happened to my cards. It was not worth it for me to go after her for it. So I quit selling when the good shop went out of business and to tell the truth I get along okay without it. Now and then someone will request some and I will do a special order but not on a permanent basis. So just watch where your inventory is going if you go that route.

  2. Lovely to hear of your successes with selling your handmade cards Cheryl! If you’re like me, nothing would stop you from making them, but it is a waste just leaving them sitting around – as they are made to be shared! I have sold to a local gift shop in the past, but that avenue waned as I was moving house and other things took up so much time. I also have been thinking of florists, chemists etc – so will let you know if I’m successful with that route. I wish you continued success – it is so gratifying that your creations are needed, and therefore bring so many others joy in receiving them:)

  3. That was a great blog entry Cheryl, you are so successful with your cards, it’s lucky you work from home and have the time :o) I too used to sell them in a shop, however that person left and then it was over with – I only sold about 10 cards there, so no great loss… I have asked around and always get a no, or find someone else is already selling their cards (as per my local chemist)… one day I will get back around to having a look into selling them again, but for now, the occasional commission makes me happy.
    Karen Hawkins recently posted..Card Box Using One A4 Sheet Of CardstockMy Profile

  4. Thanks for your comments, everyone.

    I know selling is not for all cardmakers – some make just for family and friends, as I used to do.

    But these days I make so many cards, it’s a pity to have them just sitting around doing nothing.

  5. Very cool, Cheryl! I would definitely prefer the flower shop over the gift shop. Money up front is always the best route. But the gift shop is a nice royalty as well.

    I just pre-ordered my Valentine set from Stampin Up. Hoping to spread the love on time this year LOL. Creative Blessings!
    Kelly recently posted..PAPER PUMPKIN – November – As IsMy Profile

  6. Thanks for stopping in Kelly! Yes, money upfront is much better, but I was very green when I made that arrangement. I would never do it now!

    I haven’t seen the SU Valentine set yet. Will have to check it out! (Not always a good thing. )

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