Quick and Easy Full Pleat Card

I’ve been making a ton of Mother’s Day cards lately.

I had an order for 40 cards from the flower shop I sell to regularly, so I’ve been busy making 40 unique cards for them. I can’t say it was easy thinking of that many different card designs in a short period of time! Pinterest became my friend, but I used it for ideas, then made those ideas my own by changing the design up in at least one way.

However, the idea for these two cards were mine. I saw a card on Pinterest, but wanted to make my cards using my Go Press & Foil machine, which I haven’t seen elsewhere.

For each of the cards (one above, one below) I foiled the greeting before cutting out the topper it was going on. I’ve found if you have any indentations, such as stitching from a die, the foil will, in the majorities of cases, cling to the stitching.

I made two of these full pleat cards for Mother’s Day (in two different colour schemes), and a birthday one, which can be seen below.

I found these to be really quick and easy to make once I’d done the first one. I’d guess at around ten minutes from start to finish.

They look very elegant, no matter the dsp you use, and can be decorated up or down. If you need a quick card, this is one I’d recommend.

I have added a video below, but there are tons of them on YouTube. I just found this one to be the easiest to follow.

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