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Last time I shared an owl card I had made for my fourteen year old granddaughter’s birthday. As I mentioned, I also made one for her twin brother, but naturally this one needed to be more masculine.

To top it off, this was a much more complicated card than his sister’s.

I sponged the bottom half of the card with blue ink to represent the ocean. Then using a stencil, I made ‘waves’.

Using the Stampin’ Up! Owl Punch, I made an owl and decorated him up to be a pirate. The hat was made by punching out another owl body, this one black, and cutting it in half. (Not my idea!!)

I’d picked up the pirate ribbon at a department store at a bargain price a while back, but had never used it. It was perfect for this card.

I wanted my pirate owl to stand on a boat, but didn’t have anything suitable in my vast stamp collection. So I took a piece of black cardstock, and cut it to a boat shape. But it needed more.

I cut a piece of twine, and tied a small knot each end, then glued it across the front of the boat.

The stamps (including the flag) are all from Inspired by Stamping, and worked perfectly for this card.

When I was about to put it all together, I realised pirates need peg legs! So I chopped of one of his legs and replaced it with a peg leg I made from some cardstock scrap.

That’s it, all done!

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4 thoughts on “Pirate Owl Card

  1. That is so adorable. I love your little scene with that cute pirate owl. I am sure he will love his card.

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