Ninja Turtle Birthday Card


My great-nephew recently turned six, and since he is well into Ninja Turtles, especially Leonardo, so I decided to make him a card to suit.

This was extremely easy to make. Here’s how to make the turtle face – cut a circle and an oval in green. (Must be green for Ninja Turtles!!) Place the circle behind the oval and stick them together. Make sure the circle is smaller in width than the oval, otherwise you won’t get the correct face shape.

Next take some fairly narrow blue cardstock (or correct colour for the character you want), and lay it across the already joined face, and trim it to suit on the right side. For the left side you need to create the illusion of the ‘mask’ being tied, so I just took two short triangular shaped pieces of the same cardstock, and laid them in the opposite direction to each other.

Then I added some googley eyes, and drew on a mouth.

I cut a banner for the top, and die-cut the word “dude” and stuck it to the banner. (In hindsight, I should have used a darker colour, such as black.) Finally I added a greeting to the bottom. (Stamp from Stampin’ Up!)

You could use whatever embossing folder you wanted for the background. This was the only one I felt suitable from those I had.

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3 thoughts on “Ninja Turtle Birthday Card

  1. Thanks Joyce, yes he loved it. (There was a bit of a squeal!)

    Very fun, Verna. This little fellow loves his Ninja Turtles!

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