Mother’s Day Card Series Video – Card #4

This is the last video in the Mother’s Day card series by Amy at Prairie Paper & Ink.

I admit this isn’t my favourite of the cards, but it will definitely suit many people. This will suit the younger mothers, but for the age group of my mother-in-law (my own mother died several years ago), this card is probably too modern and/or “flashy”.

Again, if you’re not interested in watching the colouring technique, you can skip through. This time the actual making of the card starts at 3:07.

You’ll see at the end where Amy damaged her card. I love the way she picked up and moved forward with it. I admit that I’ve done almost the exact same thing – just damaging another part of the finished card, so it was good to see I’m not alone!

Here’s the video:

I hope you’ve gotten something out of this video series, even if I did get them out of order!

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