Monoprint – with Alcohol Inks

We’re nearly at the end of this class, and I’m still learning a ton!

The above sample is ‘monoprint’ using Alcohol Inks.  It’s a similar technique to what you do with Distress Stains on a craft mat, but this is using Alcohol Inks.

I felt it wasn’t so successful for me, but once I put the stamp on it, I was happier with it.  I’ve left both sides showing so you can see the difference the stamp makes.


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2 thoughts on “Monoprint – with Alcohol Inks

  1. Oh this is interesting! Yes, the stamped side is really so striking. I can’t believe all the techniques that Tim Holtz shared in class. I haven’t finished class yet. Had to take a break and go on vacation, with hubby, camping. Had a blast, but now I am so ready to finish the class. Especially after seeing all of your technique cards, can’t wait!
    Thanks for sharing them. You really had fun, it appears, right? LOL
    Now you have given me the incentive to get myself going.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Anna! Yes, it is very striking, but unstamped, I don’t like it at all.

    There were 30 videos in the class. That’s a lot!!

    I haven’t done all the techniques yet – I think I managed two from each day. Mostly the ones that really appealed to me.

    I’m sure I’ll go back over the videos again. I tend to do that as a refresher.

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