Mass Production Colouring


This card is from Day 4.   Yep, I’m skipping back and forth!

The technique used here is for quick colouring for mass production of cards. It requires the use of masking and a sponge dauber.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any really suitable Christmas stamps for that technique, so I used one that’s nearly suitable.

I bought this cute little elf stamp a couple of years ago, and it’s still one of my favourites. But it can be fiddly. This time, it was quick and easy, and I’ve put my ‘masks’ away for next time. I wish I’d embossed the background of this card, because it looks a little bare to me.

One of the things this class has highlighted to me is the fact I don’t have any small Christmas greetings. Nor do I have any Christmas greetings that go across in one line. The greetings I’ve used so far have mostly been stamps I’ve doctored to suit my purpose.

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