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Everywhere I look lately, I see masculine cards with cogs on them.  Whether that’s the background or the foreground doesn’t seem to matter, but cogs seem to be very popular at the moment. (Take a look at my Pinterest page for masculine cards and you’ll see what I mean.)

The card I’m showing you today features cogs.  I got the inspiration for my card, from this one:

As you’ll see, it’s quite a bit different, but it definitely inspired me. Here’s my card:


This card was extremely simple to make, and apart from using the distress inks (on the cogs) it was very quick to make.

I started off by embossing a brown sheet of cardstock.  I bought the folder a long time ago, and this is only the second time I’ve used it. (Shows how many masculine cards I make!) Then I dabbed a little bit of distress stain here and there on the embossed card, and also used sandpaper on a couple of spots to make it more distressed looking. I then distressed around the outer edges of the topper card.

I cut a strip of black cardstock and stamped the greeting in gold ink.

I’d already inked up the cogs – which I cut using my Silhouette.  I used a mixture of vintage-type colours as I wanted to achieve a vintage look. I used Vintage Photo distress stain, Aged Mahogony, and  Tarnished Brass.  (Sorry, I originally had Antiqued Bronze, but it’s actually Tarnished Brass.) I just dabbed them here and there until I was happy with the effect.

After gluing down my stamped black strip (after the cogs were totally dry), I added the topper card to my base cardstock.  Then I added dimentionals to them, then placed on the card.  I tried to place them as though each one made the other one turn.

That’s it.  Like I said fairly quick and easy.  I’ve since inked up a heap of cogs, ready to make more cards of this nature. That will make the process much quicker in the future.


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4 thoughts on “Male Card – Cogs

  1. Great masculine card Cheryl! I have bought chipboard cogs before, but you mention the Silhouette. Can I ask you how you find using it? did you consider the portrait? I make cards, so didn’t think I’d need the full size cameo, but perhaps you have found that you do use/need the full 12″ size. I would be grateful if you have the time to give some feedback on this – others are probably wondering too.
    thanks for sharing your card – masculine cards can be difficult and this layout could be adapted to many different styles.

  2. Hi Ann, I only got my Silhouette just before Christmas. I did think about the Portrait, but friends told me I wouldn’t be able to make things like envelopes and some gift boxes. It cost quite a bit more (around $100 I think) to get the bigger size, but it means I can do anything on it, and I’m not restricted at all.

    Also, you can add lots of cut files at once, so if you get your 12×12 paper at a reasonable cost, it could work out considerably cheaper. (I just got a heap of 12×12 on special at 45 cents a sheet, which is way cheaper than what I pay for A4 cardstock.)

    I’m still learning to use it, and I’m still quite apprehensive. I hate to admit it, but I’ve only used it three or four times so far.

    But when I do use it, I love it. The best part for me is I’m a ‘die’ addict. I haven’t bought a single die set since buying it, but last year I bought more than a dozen. That’s what convinced me to buy it!

  3. Thanks Susan, the EF is from Courture Creations, and is called Workshop. At least that’s what’s printed on the folder itself. The code on the packaging is C0723037. I hope this helps.

    (They have their distributors listed on the packaging – there’s one in Canada. PM me if you need the details.)

    It’s amazing when you look around Pinterest, how many examples of masculine cards you find. Particularly considering how hard most of us find it to make them!

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