How to Make Trellis Cards

It’s been awhile, I know.  I’ve been knee deep in deadlines, which meant time was very short.

I’ve really missed stopping by and talking about my card-making efforts.  Unfortunately there have been very little.  I did however, manage to make a handful of cards to be used in a silent auction for a charity.  I will post some pics of them soon, I promise!

Today I’ve been web surfing a bit, and my favorite thing to surf for is new craft ideas.  You probably already know that I love  as I often find wonderful ideas there.  Christina makes the most beautiful cards, and shares her techniques freely.

I found some stunning cards on her site, but had no idea they would be so simple to make.

Today I would like to share Christina’s Trellis card, which is absolutely stunning. I’ve included the video below, but if you prefer written instructions (with photographs), this link will take you to the correct page.

Christina has used a rectangle shape in her example, but I can see no reason it couldn’t be made in whatever shape you choose, including circles.

My aim is to make this card very soon, and when I do, I will post a photograph here.



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