How to Make Rose Flowers

For some reason, lately I’ve become totally obsessed with making my own flowers for my cards.

I’ve made several out of paper, and they’ve been passable, and I’ve made quite a few out of ribbon, and they’ve not been too bad either. But I’ve only made them the way I thought they should be done.

Because I’ve found so many tutorials for a variety of card-making techniques on YouTube, I went there today, and I found these two great videos by the same person. These ribbon roses are spectacular and appear to be easy to do. It’s not exactly what I’ve been doing, but certainly very similar. At least I know I was on the right track.


This first video has no instructions whatsoever, but you can see clearly how it’s done.



In the second video the creator talks us through it, but I don’t feel you can see it quite as clearly. That’s why I’ve included both videos here.


These ribbon flowers are quite large, but by adjusting the size of your ribbon they can easily be used on greeting cards. I hope you enjoy the videos and they are helpful to you.

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