His & Hers Online Class – Day Three





Day Three was Sympathy cards.

I realised after I’d stuck it down that the ivory card stock was cut crooked.  I couldn’t tell when it was off the cardbase, but as soon as it was down and lined up with the edges, I could see it immediately.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to come off so I could straighten it up. <sigh>

All the images used are from Gina K Designs.

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4 thoughts on “His & Hers Online Class – Day Three

  1. I really like the hers card. I would just use a ribbon to cover the uneven seam.!

  2. Thanks Nancy. And oh my gosh, why didn’t I think of that????!!! Duh! (As Homer would say. LOL)

  3. Seriously, with the card opened like that, no-one would have noticed, it can look like an optical illusion. I have had cards look lop-sided in the pic, which prompted me to check, but when I took a t-square ruler to it? It was dead even! It’s a picture angle thing. Go figure. LOL But, hey, the ribbon idea is a great fix. I am sooo hoping the Online Class gals teach a Blooper Card class next. Everyone is saying that they messed up, and I just did a blooper today, myself. Grrr. If it is NOT fixable, I just cringe! EEK! LOL Love your HIS and HERS sample Sympathy cards. BTW, on the HIS card..on the left hand side, is that green pattern on the strip: a stamp, or pp? (sort of mesh looking?)

  4. Thanks Anna. The green strip is from the Gina K Designs “Live Life Loud” stamp set. It has some stamps that can make ‘blotches’ of sorts. I use that one quite a bit.

    As to a blooper class – that could be interesting!

    Thanks for stopping by.

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