Handmade Wedding Card

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Here’s a simple and reasonably quick Wedding Card to make.


Cut two heart shapes in white cardstock.  Cut one heart shape in black cardstock.  All three must be the exact same size.

Now take the black heart shape.  You need to cut out a V-shape (as can be seen in the image).  This will form the opening of the groom’s jacket.

To make it more precise, I took the heart die and laid it over the top of the black heart shape that I’d already cut out.  Then I moved it down about one third, making sure (with a ruler or other straight object) that the bottom point, the middle point, and the centre of the heart all lines up.

Then, using some not-so-sticky tape, I taped the die onto the black cardstock to ensure it didn’t move. (The first time I did it, I didn’t tape it down and it ended up being crooked!)

Run all three heart shapes through your cuttlebug with an appropriate EF.  I used the tiny hearts folder, but I’m not convinced it’s still available.  A good alternative to the tiny hearts EF would be Swiss Dots.  Make sure the heart die-cuts are straight on the folder, otherwise your hearts will be crooked!  This isn’t an issue if you’re using Swiss Dots.

Next, join one white and the black heart shapes.  I used wet glue, but you could use double-sided tape or whatever glue you prefer.

Add some black half pearls to resemble buttons, and a black bow from some narrow ribbon.  On the white heart, add white pearls, and white ribbon.  You can leave longer ties for the ‘brides’ heart. *I used glue dots to attach the ribbons, but again, it’s personal preference.

Now take white cardstock which is folded in half, ready to use.  Add appropriate stamps to the card – inside and out –  then add your two hearts, overlapping them as shown. (I generally stamp first, then build my card.  That way if I stuff it up, I haven’t ruined the entire card!)

Now it’s time to add some embelishments.  I used Kaisercraft fancy pearl strips, which I cut down to suit my purpose.  You could also use black, you could use a heart punch to punch tiny little hearts in the corner, you could stamp tiny hearts – the possiblities are endless.

I have entered this card in the Outlawz Saturday’s Paper Ala Mode challenge.


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