Distress Paint Marbling

A week after I needed them, I finally got my hands on some Distress Paints!  OMG, I can’t believe how difficult it has been!!!

Anyways, here are the two tags I made using the Distress Paint Marbling technique. I added so much paint to that sheet that I managed to get two tags from it.  I hate wasting the left-overs so naturally used it on an extra tag!

I have three more Distress Paints coming later this week, and I’ll be glad to get more colours so I can play around with this some more.  It’s hard to get the effect you want when you only have three colours on hand. (Note to self:  dry the craft sheet before the Distress Paints dry, as they are permanent once dry!!!)

*My colours are not as vibrant as Tim’s or the other participants, so perhaps I added too much water.  I’ll definitely be giving this another go when my other paints arrive.  Maybe even before they do!

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4 thoughts on “Distress Paint Marbling

  1. Thanks Barbara, I hope you learn heaps! I love this class, but I do often feel ‘under the hammer’ as it moves so quickly.

    But… because you have lifetime access, I often go back over the tutorials as a refresher.

  2. I agree, I am guilty of allowing the fast-paced classes get me into a stress filled mode. It’s dumb, because…like you said, we have Lifetime Access, duh!
    I love your marbling technique! Very pretty, indeed.
    I am amazed that you accomplished it with only 3 paints. I have none. Guess that means I am back spending! LOL
    Good reminder about the paints drying permanently! LOL Sorry, but it did make me laugh, because, I would do the very same thing. Eek!
    BTW, Amazon has resonable prices on Craft Mats…just saying…LOL
    I guess we need to have one mat dedicated to Distress Paints, just in case they dry before we wipe them clean. It’s a thought! LOL
    Thanks for sharing. I love that you share EVERYTHING, mistakes, oversights, and all. That’s so nice, and helpful for the rest of us! LOL

  3. Thanks Anna! You don’t need a dedicated craft mat for Distress Paints. Just clean them off BEFORE finishing the process.

    I waited until I’d totally finished and could barely move them. Tim tends to wipe them away the moment he’s got the paint on his tag. I’ll have to get into that habit.

    I did manage to get most of the paint off, but have a splattering of colours still stuck on the mat!

    Ah well…..

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