Build a Blossom Card

I really love to share stunning cards with you, but even more than that, I love it when those same cards are simple to achieve.

Today I came across one such card.

The products used in this video are Stampin’ Up! I’ve only just begun to use Stampin’ Up! products, so I don’t have many. I certainly don’t have any of the products shown, but if you have them, great. Use them.

If not, as I say over and over, use substitutes. There is no reason your cards have to be exactly the same as those shown in videos, on this site, or on any site. Make your own variation.

A perfect example of this is instead of using Stampin’ Up! Blossom Petals punch and Build a Blossom Stamp set (which would be a substantial combined cost) use the Provo Craft Cuttlebug Build A Flower A2 Tag Team Dies which is hugely cheaper.

Just saying…

Now to the video:

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