Bargain Priced Christmas Stamps

This year, I’ve created more than 70 Christmas cards.

I started way back in September I think.  Rather than being sick of them, I’m still enjoying spending time in my craft room, with a purpose in mind.  I try not to create multiples of the same card, but it’s hard not to sometimes.

Many of my stamps are from ‘way back when’ and those particular stamps are mostly 20+ years old.  Unfortunately, that also means they’re on the way out, and I’ve had to replace many of them already.  After a long time, combined with repeated use, the rubber on wood-mounted stamps tends to go brittle.

That means the impression will no longer be clear and crisp.

Last week I went to a local high school (my grandson will attend there next year), and taught several groups (of 40+ kids) how to make Christmas cards.  I took my old stamps because I knew they’d get a battering there.  They were okay, but certainly not the good quality impressions I’m used to.  The kids didn’t even notice.

Anyways, that’s not what this post is about.

What I really wanted to tell you was that this is a great time to look out for bargains on your Christmas craft items.  A few days ago I purchased a dozen or more new wood-mounted stamps at greatly reduced prices. This is because retailers want to make room for their new stock coming in the New Year.

I spent something like $90 – and saved a ton!

If you have the money to do so, take some time and get your Christmas craft goodies now. (Generally, from mid-December onwards Christmas items will be reduced.)

Okay, so I just went and checked – Amazon have already marked down a huge number of Christmas crafts, as well as Christmas Stamps.

January is also a great time to pick up bargains, so make sure you check back then. (I have no idea if Amazon runs January sales, but if it will save money, it’s worth it, right?)

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