Get Well Card

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to share some non-Christmas cards.

There are not one, but two people I know – my 87 year old neighbour, and an 89 year old friend – who have both fallen and broken a hip in the last week or so.

Earlier this year, I purchased the Lawn Fawn set “Get Well Soon“. (Thankfully, I hadn’t needed to use it until now.) I went looking on Pinterest for inspiration, and this card from Katie Melhus (of caught my eye.

So I took the idea and put my own spin on it. Here’s what I came up with:

naomi-getwellAnd inside:


Now, I wasn’t 100% happy with this card, but it was still fine for what I wanted. With this first card, I made the mistake of adding the tiny red hearts and face before I’d added the white topper. I learned my lesson pretty quickly, so for the second card, I added the white topper then added the extra stamping.

I also added tiny hearts using the stamp set rather than sequins. In both cases I used colours that matched the rest of the card. Those tiny hearts are so much better in my opinion.

frank-getwellAnd inside:


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