Mother’s Day Card Series Videos – Card #3

This video in the Mother’s Day card series of videos is a little bit retro.

If you’re not into retro, change the image, the patterned paper, and you have a totally different card. Mind you, that’s what I advocate anyway – you want your cards to be uniquely yours, and you won’t necessarily have the same images etc, so you will end up with something entirely different.

This is a bit like working off a card sketch, where you get the layout but need to add your own spin to it.

Now, onto the video. I did find watching Amy colour the image a teensy bit tedious (okay, a lot tedious!), so if you’re not interested in that, you can skip ahead about three minutes. (3:05 to be exact!) Then she gets into the actual card design.

*Sorry, I seem to have gotten the videos out of order!