Tip: How to Rejuvenate Cling Stamps that Have Lost Their Stickiness

If you’re anything like me, you use Cling Stamps – a lot.  That means you use clear blocks.  If your cling stamps won’t, er, cling, then give them a quick rinse in cold water.  Sometimes they pick up bits of gunk that stops them sticking correctly. (This can also make them uneven, and affects the stamped image.)

Sometimes they need a quick rinse even if there is no gunk.  They’re designed to reactivate the stickiness when rinsed off.

When stamping, I always stamp off onto a scrap piece of paper before stamping onto my card stock.  This is especially true when using a new stamp for the first time.

I like to be sure the image is clear, and also ensures I have the stamp the right way around.

Another thing I like to do when using cling stamps is to use clear blocks with grids.  It’s not such an issue with ‘pictures’ but often is a problem with greetings.  In most cases, the greeting needs to be straight.  If I’m stamping directly onto the card, I want to ensure it is perfectly aligned.  The grid lines help with that.