Punched Hearts Valentine’s Day Card

This card is very simple to make. Watch to the end as the creator does change her mind a bit as she’s making it, and makes some mistakes as she goes along, then corrects them.

One thing I didn’t like about the video was she used expensive products. You can easily adapt that to use cheaper items that will still do the job. For instance, she uses the Stamping Up Heart to Heart punch. I believe you can just as easily use Paper Shapers Paper Heart Punch (or any other heart punch for that matter) and still get a similar result.

The border punch she uses in this video is the Fiskars Threading Water Border Punch . I really like that particular punch as it’s very universal. If you don’t have it, but have another border punch, use it instead.

In the video she uses a specific paper, but you could use any patterned paper, including something suitable you had on hand.

Remember these videos are to give you ideas and teach new techniques, not to set ‘rules’ about what you can and should do with your cards.