Ideas for Card Making

Making your own greeting cards can be such a rewarding hobby. It certainly is for me.

I’ve been making my own cards for many, many years, but mostly Christmas cards. In 2010 I paid out literally hundreds of dollars to take dozens of classes. Some months I took as many as 4-6 classes, which was a real push for me. Like everyone else, I have a job (I work from home, but still have to work!), and I’m bringing up my grandchildren.


It’s difficult, but finding time for myself is incredibly important, both for myself, and also my grandchildren and the rest of my family.

This site will be expanded regularly, hopefully weekly, but it will depend on my schedule. I’m a full-time writer, and also create websites for myself and my clients. Cardmaking is my hobby – I do it for fun, not for money.

In some cases you can use what you have lying around the house, but there are definitely some essential items you’ll need to get started.


This is an essential item.  You literally cannot make cards without using Card Stock. The reason is that normal paper is too light and won’t withstand the ‘toppings’ used on it.

This is one of the cheaper items you’ll need. In most cases, the larger the pack you buy, the cheaper it gets. Keep in mind that the size it comes in is usually double what you’ll need – mostly it will be cut in half so you’ll get double the amount stated on the pack.


Practically every project will require glue. I use Tacky Glue on most projects, but sometimes glue dots are more appropriate.

And in other cases, DoubleSided Tape is a better choice.

I’ll guide you through this.


There is an amazing range of ribbons available, and you’ll want to have a good assortment on hand.

More often than not, I pick these up in bulk. The reason being it gives me a good range to work with, and I can adapt what I have with the project I’m doing. You’ll use a bit here, and a bit there, and eventually you’ll have lots of little bits. Believe me when I say it goes a long way.


There is such a huge range of embellishments available that I couldn’t begin to list them all. Here are just a few of those I use regularly:

Flowers are definitely high on my list, but I also use brads, and rhinestones .

In the majority of cases, embellishments will last for ages. You generally get loads of them in a pack, so they can be used on dozens of projects, and often even more.

Ink Pads:

In a lot of cases, we’ll incorporate stamping into our projects. The ink pads I use are StazOn Ink Pads. I’ve used others, but found the majority to be messy, slow drying, and prone to blurring.

I also use Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads. These can be used on both contemporary and Vintage projects.

Other Supplies:

These are probably the major items you’ll use, but there will be others. I pick up a lot of items at my local two dollar shop, but also get lots at craft supply stores, including online stores such as Amazon

And now for the not-so-essential –


I use my Cuttlebug Embossing Machine a lot. Not in every project, but it gets a good lot of use. If you don’t have one, you can improvise in many instances, but sometimes there’s just no other way. I promise not to use the Cuttlebug for each and every project.

Cuttlebug Embossing Folders:

If you are going to use a Cuttlebug, you’ll need some Cuttlebug Embossing Folders.

I started off with one, and gradually added to my collection. They’re very cheap, so it’s relatively easy to add to your collection as your budget permits.

Cuttlebug Dies:

These are not essential, but if you have a Cuttlebug, then having a range of Provo Craft Cuttlebug Dies will make cardmaking much easier, and certainly quicker.