How to Make Vintage Cards

I’m making more and more vintage cards. I just love them.

Basically, Vintage style cards have an ‘older’ feel to them. They have an old fashioned theme, and often use images from by-gone eras.

Until recently, I’ve had a lot of issues finding anything in the way of ‘genuine’ vintage greeting card supplies and/or ideas, but now they seem to have come out of nowhere. Or maybe it’s just that I’m taking more notice!

Bottom line is I’ve found several sites where you can get loads of ideas for vintage cards, as well as some where you can download vintage images. Here are just a few:

Vintage Image Craft – join their newsletter and they’ll send you freebie images each month.

Far Far Hill has a ton of downloadable images – for free.

Tammy Tutterow, although not a card site, also has a number of vintage images available.

A lot of vintage cards have flowers on them. As I mentioned in another post, I’ve become quite obsessed with making my own flowers for cards. This site has several flower tutorials, and here’s one of the easiest. I actually did this at a craft class and totally forgot about it!

(Also check out my post on this same subject.)

One of my favorite websites for inspiration is The Shabby Tea Room – they have a lot of ‘shabby chic’ ideas, which use a lot of ribbon, flowers, and lace. I just love these!

However, there are literally hundreds of blogs and websites for cardmaking, and many of them cover vintage cards, even if only briefly.

If you know of sites in this category that are not listed here, feel free to add them!

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