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A friend told me about Blitsy several months ago, but I didn’t follow up.  Then a few other crafting friends began buying from the site and raving about their savings.  I decided it was time to check it out.  Really check it out!

And today I did.

Here’s how it works:  each week they offer several different products at a super discounted rate. (From what I’ve seen online, I saved about 50% on each product – for US prices. In Australia our prices are in blow-out.  So even with postage, I saved a ton!)  They have a set number of each product and each colour or other variation available at that discounted rate, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Today I bought Distress Stains and Embossing Powders.

I was able to get all the stains I particularly wanted, but missed out on a couple of colours I would have taken had they been available.  With the embossing powders, there were three I was after, but only managed to get two. I now know that the trick is to go to the site immediately (or as close as possible to immediately) you get the email notification.

Once added to your shopping cart, you are given a specific time while it’s on hold, then it will disappear out of your shopping cart and someone else will be able to snag it.  Don’t quote me, but it seemed to be around fifty minutes or an hour from when the item is placed in the cart.

From what I can tell, several items are offered each week, three times a week, but there’s a limited time they’re available. (I *think* that time frame is one week, but keep in mind the limited numbers come into play as well.)

Check it out, create a free account.  You have absolutely nothing to lose – it costs you nothing, and once you’ve registered an account, you’ll get product offers.  If you don’t register, you can’t buy from the site.

Here’s that link again:

I hope you get as much benefit from the site as I already have.





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