About Us

My hobby, my passion, is card making.

When I have some spare time, I make cards. When I’m stressed out, I make cards.

I’ve taken a bucketload of card making classes and have learned a heap. I want to share what I’ve learned, and along the way I will tell you about some of my favorite craft sites, as well as sites where I get some of my craft supplies. I’ll also add helpful videos from YouTube – and believe me, there are loads of them!

My aim is to add new cards at least once a week, but hopefully it will be more often.

This site has been going for over five years now, and will hopefully be here for a long time to come.

I hope you’ll stay with me, and see how easy card making can be!


A Bit About Me:

My name is Cheryl Wright, and I’m a published writer. (You can see my author site here: www.cheryl-wright.com) I write mostly romantic suspense, but also write some contemporary romance and non-fiction books. Currently I have around 16 published books.

My hobby is making cards. In 2010 I paid out literally hundreds of dollars for craft classes so I could learn new techniques, and create even more beautiful cards. One of the things I learned was you can take pretty ordinary items and use them to create stunning cards.

As well as the satisfaction of creating gorgeous cards for family and friends, I’ve saved a bucketload of money on store-bought cards.

Most of the cards I’ve created have been given to family and friends.  I also sell a small number to a local gift store and a flower shop, plus I donate cards to three different community organisations, one of those being the oncology unit at our local hospital.  They have a box of “Thank You” cards that have been donated by people like myself. Patients can take a card or two on each visit, and can use those cards to say ‘thanks’ to someone who has helped them through their illness.

It’s a great way to give back to the community.

I also teach cardmaking to children at my grandchildren’s schools from time to time.  It’s a very satisfying way to pass on my skills.

Thanks for joining me, and I hope you’ll take the time to give me some feedback by way of comments on this site.